Why Full Time Job is the Bane of Entrepreneurship


Yes, you read it right.  Full-time employment is indeed the bane of entrepreneurship.  In fact, I will go as far as saying that most people these days prefer to get employed and are unwilling to venture on their own.  We work and study hard during college just so that we will get a good job.  This ideology is a mainstay in most household and it stifles all forms of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Full-Time Employment Gives an Illusion of Comfort

The thought that you will always get a salary at the end of the month or mid of the month is surely an enticing idea for all.  Regardless of what you do, if you stick with the job, it is likely you will get paid.  The downside of this is that the salary provided may not be high, though it provides a certain level of security; additionally, you are at the mercy of the company.

This illusion of comfort will likely put you at a comfortable place where you are unlikely to venture or to try new things.

Full-Time Employment Shifts the Business Risk to Your Employer

Though you are an employee and have little to worry about business and other economic factors, your employer takes the business risk to himself/herself.

When your employer can no longer manage the risk, guess who’s going to be on the receiving end?  You will.  During a downturn or when a financial crisis hits your company, you may be laid off or retrenched.  So good luck with that.

Full-Time Employment Turns you from a Hunter to a Farmer

You are a farmer when you choose to remain an employee.  You will toil the soil for the landowners for a pittance.  When you have outlived your worth, you will be deemed as without value.  A place you really do not want to be.

Full-Time Employment Predisposes you to a Life of Debt and Loans

How do you pay for your car? Your house? Your children’s education? Some luxury? Through loan of course, unless you are rich enough to pay them in full (which are unlikely if you are an employee).  The more fixed you are in your employee life and mindset, the more debt you will accrue, the never-ending cycle of bondage to debt and servitude to the power of money.

Choose wisely, do not settle for servitude and slavery to the power of money.