Want to get Rich? Don’t Save.


piggy-bank-850608_1920I know that this sounds sacrilegious.  Want to get rich?  Don’t save!  Wait, what???  How does this work?  Well… Before you explode at me and release your barrage of insults, hear me out.

Time Value of Money

I am not saying saving is bad; in fact, saving money is always a good habit!  But only if you are planning for a stable secure life but with little luxury.  It is unlikely that any one can get rich by saving money – unless you are able to save millions of dollars monthly or annually.

The reasoning is simple, there is such a thing as ‘time value of money’ – which means the value of your money will continue to depreciate as time passes.  Ever had thoughts such as “things are getting so expensive! I can’t afford these with my current pay!” or “interest is so low, is it enough to manage inflation?”.  These are real examples on why money will continue to depreciate in value as all as things cost more to purchase as time passes.

In short, your $1 million today may only be worth $500,000 10 years down the road.


As majority of the population continue to work their guts out in low paying salary jobs and taking on loans after loans to finance house mortgages, car loans, and educational pursuits; the top 1% continues to leverage on their wealth to manipulate market and drive prices up.  If you work too hard to save, you end up losing the value of your savings.

Historically, inflation have always been pegged to rising cost of production due to rising labor wages; which ironically results in increased consumption due to greater disposable income.  These days however, it is often not so transparent.  Depending in which location you are on the globe; many external non-transparent forces (government, taxes, corruption, and others) are likely to drive prices up regardless of your actual income.

If you save, you lose!

Opportunity Cost

The more you save, the more profit you lose.  As you money sits idle in the bank or under your bed; the potential earning that could have been generated through proper money management would have been lost!

Consider this, if you have $50,000 would it be better to just put it in a bank and earn minuscule interest?  Or would it be better to invest in something that have real asset value that appreciates with time?

The choice is yours.


Alright fine, I won’t save.  But what can I do?

There are alternatives, but its impossible to make any decision without taking any risk.  You will need to be clear about your personal risk profile so that you can make better decision for yourselves.  In anycase, the alternatives are:

  1. Investing in Shares, Bonds, Mutual Funds.
  2. Investing in a reliable and trustworthy business idea.
  3. Investing in property and generate revenue through rent.
  4. Investing in commodities and other value driven assets.

Unless you are stumped and unsure on what your decision should be, saving should never be your primary goal for wealth appreciation.

Grow money, don’t bury them!


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