6 Reliable Ways of Making Extra Money

Make Money

You know that feeling.  The feeling of happiness during payday followed by the immediate dread knowing that you will likely not see any money left after clearing off bills, debts, insurance, and other expenses.

It’s an extremely depressing feeling for everyone.  And trust me,  you are not alone.  At least 99% of the global working class feels the same way.  Less the infuriating 1% who monopolizes the wealth of the world.

The bottom line is – everyone, needs more money. And the money that you make is obviously not enough; otherwise, you would not be on this page.  Well, the good news is – I am here to share with you 6 reliable ways you can generate extra revenue.

1.  Sell Items on Online Platforms

The best thing about online platforms is that they are usually easily accessible and of relatively low cost.  Online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Craiglist, Carousel, and others should be used!

Go round up some items that you do not use at home often, and sell them online!  You can even enhance your e-commerce experience through scouting for bargain products from all sources, and selling them online for a profit!

2.  Be a Ghost Writer

If your writing skills are acceptable, you can advertise yourself in platforms such as Craiglist, Freelancer.com, gumtree.com, and other websites that get traffic.  Get projects writing papers, books, and other articles.  Frankly, its a decent amount of money, you may even make enough to quit your full-time job!

3.  Get a Part-Time Job

This would likely be the most effort driven and time-consuming suggestion.  Nevertheless, it is arguably the most reliable of all suggestions as the money is guaranteed as long as you work.

The challenge about this is to evaluate if your time (per hour) is worth your effort.  Also if you do kids and family, this strategy might eat into time with your loved ones.  You will need to evaluate and see if this is worth your while.

4.  Drive Uber, Lyft, Grab, or GoJack

Globally, many working-class individuals have jumped on the bandwagon of ride-sharing.  The motive is simple – to earn extra income.  Though driving for these companies may not necessarily generate a significant amount of monies, it will still generate extra income that you may find helpful for your daily expenses.

5.  Invest in Stocks, Shares, Bonds, Mutual Funds

If you have a healthy level of risk appetite, jumping into investments may not be a bad thing.  However, it is important to not be overly obsessed with making money from investments.  Sometimes, if you need to let it go, then let it go.

6.  Teach Online Course

If you have anything or specific skillsets that you think you can impart to the general public, why not go ahead and contact Udemy, Coursera or even Youtube to publish some of your courses online.  You can choose to monetize through advertisements or following or people purchasing your courses.


There are many ways of which you can make some side income.  It is important to decide which is most suitable for you depending on your skills interests and life phases.

Good luck with making money!

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